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New Issues and Activities for 2013-2014!

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Get Rid of All Encumbents!

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California Recall Movement Organizing

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Richardson Grove

More Forest and Environmental Defense

Help Establish A Watchdog Network

Fire Prevention

Environmental Education

Long-Term Management Activities



New for 2013-2014!

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Join the West Coast

Tea Party!

1. Impeach Barack Obama

2. Impeach Senator Diane Feinstein

3. Recall Governor Jerry Brown

New Resources for Recall in California, 2013-2014!

New Statewide Movement


Recall Petitions and the California Constitution

Demand the Impeachment of Senator Diane Feinstein, by the U. S. Congress

Recall California Governor Jerry Brown!

The Recall Movement

A Proposed Initiative to Reform the Timber Industry, Bringing Sustainable Harvesting, and Economic Prosperity to Our State An Idea for World Peace, by Developing the United Nations into a Tri-Cameral System of Government

New Splashpage

Homepage for the Californians for Better Government

A Voter Initiative Designed to Reform the Timber Industry and Establish Environmental Protections, by Creating a New Department in Charge of Forest Conservation and the Long-term Management of Our State's Natural Resources

Reform the Timber Industry by Constitutional Initiative

Pages Developed in 2012

Introductory and Main Routing Webpage

Examine the Initiative by Each Proposed Section, to be Added to the California PRC

Statewide Initiative Designed to Establish Environmental Protections with Guidance to Long-Term Restoration and Prosperity

Reform the Timber Industry by Constitutional Initiative . (same as title link, above)

A Voter Initiative for California: 2012-2014

View Our Original Initiative filed in 2012

Pages Developed in 2013

Table of Webpages About this Issue

Examine the Enitre Initiative to be Added to the California PRC

Let's Get Organized!

More About the Timber Harvest Tax

Activist Alert! Download and Sign the Proposed Initiative, to Help Us Get it on the Ballot

The Many Benefits of this Proposed Initiative

Defending the Earth in the Future

Working Together to Change Industry and Governments

Environmental History Timeline

The Evolution of the Environmental Movement

Current Issues, Problems and Solutions Concerning Rainforest Defense

Designing Solutions to Major Environmental Problems

Achieving Social and Environmental Justice Over the Long-Term

Designing Long-Term Environmental Management Plans for the Future

Achieving Enlightenment

Become an Environmental Watchdog

Responsible Stewards of the Planet

Working as a Responsible Steward

Working Together to Establish A Global System of Effective Environmental Protections

Establishing a Global System of Environmental Protections

A Newly Proposed Four-Layer System of Environmental Protections

Nations and their Environmental Laws

The United States and its Environmental Laws

The Role of the United Nations

Protecting You and Our Environment, from the Swag of Modern Societies:

Establishing A Global System of Environmental Protections

Protecting the Earth from the Spread of Toxic Biohazards

Global Industry and Pollution - - | - - Corporatization!

Protecting Our Natural Resources

Protecting Our Natural Resources









Living Ecology





Global Forests


Global Rivers


Global Mining

Global Mineral Resources

Global Pollution

Forests on Eight Continents

Rivers on Eight Continents

Mining and Mineral Rights on Eight Continents

Pollution on Eight Continents

The Authors Suggestion to Restore the Ruined Watersheds of California - - Please, check this out!


Protecting the Oceans and Seas of the Earth

Please, check out our latest new series, (below)!

The Rivers of Northern California

And, the next webpages in this series, Developing More Skills and Resources,

And, Long Range Planning, and Long Range Management For Northern California's Rivers.


What can we do about our ruined Watersheds and Rivers?


For more information, please click here!




Richardson Grove: Environmental Issue, 2007-2014. California Rainforest Activist Alert!

Environmentalist Win Big in 2011!.

EPIC Lawsuit STOPS CALTRANS plans to Destroy protected Old Growth Trees!

Federal Courts Issue Injunction Stopping CALTRANS Plans to Widen Highway 101 Through Richardson Grove!

Please, read our October 2011 Upate!

Richardson Grove 2011 Continued from 2010 and previous debates! Please, check the articles out, (below), too!

The Discovery of an Important Salmon Redd

View the New Movie

Main Points Remaining for 2011

Please, Contact Your Elected Public Officials

Please, Contact Kim Floyd, of the D.O.T.

Archives for Richardson Grove

Richardson Grove DOT Construction Project

Richardson Grove Update

Transportation Planning Commission Town Hall Meeting, in Eureka, June 24, 2009.

More Multimedia about Richardson Grove.


New Tree Planting Projects for 2013-2014: Working with the U.N., by Planting Trees

A Message from Our Founder

Working with the Educational Institutions of Northern California

Environmental Education

Web-Based Environmental Education Programs


The Planet-Wide History of the Environmental Movement

Environmental Crises

Our Ruined Rivers and Bays

New Directions for 2012!

Native American Cultures in California

The Rainforests of the California North Coast

Jackson State Forest

Humboldt Redwoods State Park

Headwaters Preserve

The Redwood National Parks

New Movies: Coming Soon!

The Long-Term and Short-Term Effects of Logging Along the California North Coast

Watersheds of the California North Coast

More Web-based Services!


Famous People in Environmental History

Women's Contributions

Species Information and Identification

Electronic Resources

Watchdog Network

Become an Environmental Watchdog

Watchdogs of the California North Coast

Watchdogs of Jackson State Forest

Forming a Global Watchdog Network

North American Watchdog Network

Long-Term Management Activities

Managing Our Public Forests

Establishing Long-Term Protections for the Environment

Managing Our Oceans and Seas

Managing Our Rainforests

Managing the Rainforests of Northern California

Earlier Long-Range Plans

Establishing a Global System of Environmental Protections

Protections for Our Bays, Rivers and other Aquifirs

Protections for Our Forests

Environmental Management Activities in the U.S.

Long-term Planning for the Rainforests of Northern California

Managing the Rainforests of Northern California

Long-Range Global Management Techniques

Fire Prevention Activities

Fire Prevention

Fire Prevention Projects

Fire Prevention in Jackson State Forest

Fire Prevention Projects in Humboldt County

Fire Prevention Projects in Mendocino County

Fire Prevention Projects in Other California Counties

Fire Prevention Projects in Other States

Global Fire Prevention Activities



Map of Earth, (Global View)

Map of Oceans and Seas of Earth

Map of the Continents of Earth

Map of Northern America

Map of Canada

Map of United States

Map of California

Map of Northern California

Map of Federal and State Forests in California

Map of Northern California Rainforest

Map of Redwood National Parks

Map of Six Rivers National Forest

Map of Smith River the Big Lagoons and Little River

Map of Headwaters Forest

Map of Humboldt Redwoods State Park

Map of Mendocino National Forest

Map of Jackson State Forest

Map of the Eel River

Map of 36 Protected Redwood Parks in California

Map of Wildife Migration in North America

Map of Whale Migration

Map of Tuna Migration

Map of Elk Herds and Other Big Game Animals (and Their Territories) in North America

Map of Monarch Butterfly Migration

Map of Salmon Migration

Map of Richardson Grove

Map of Environmentally Protected Areas Along the California North Coast

Map of Environmentally Protected Areas of Northern California

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